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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Juli-Treffen / July Meeting - Circles/Curves (4)

Die Idee für Connys (unfertiges) Teil kam vom Blog „Knotted Cotton“ (http://www.knottedcotton. com/2013/06/wip-wednesday.html). Genauso fasziniert von den „Adern“ in den Steinchen wie Bloggerin Catherine, hat Conny auch versucht, diese Muster in Stoff umzusetzen. Sie meint: „Leider wirkte es nicht als Kieselsteine, weil ich es durch die Kreisform nicht richtig schichten konnte.“

The idea for Conny’s (unfinished) quilt came from the blog “Knotted Cotton” (http://www.knotted cotton.com/2013/06/wip-wednesday.html). Equally fascinated by the “veins” in the pebbles as blogger Catherine, Conny tried to replicate the patterns in fabric. Her comment: “Unfortunately it doesn’t have the look of pebbles as the round shape made it hard to stack them on top of each other.”

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  1. Wow! This really looks good. I love the fact that the circles look like stones.